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In the Spotlight- Ya Girl Nae

Whats good guys! If you want to hear all the latest social media news and hottest hip hop music you’re in the right place. We talk about everything from celebrity gossip to whats topping the charts! So tune in to “In the spotlight” with me Ya Girl Nae to see what's popping off every Tuesday afternoon from 12-1pm.

Music Undiscovered- Brianna Kelly & Janeth Fermin

The Artist Speaks- Eric Kwon

Underground, local, international musicians speak their music on Tuesdays 2PM-3PM on 89.1 WFDU HD3. The culture and uniqueness are what's shared on your Tuesday afternoon to inspire you with great musicians delivering their music of the modern era. With a guarantee of a variety of styles, tune in with your host, Yong Kwon on Tuesdays 2PM-3PM

Double A-T- Anthony C, Anthony D, & Tyler 

Rock & PIXEL Hour- Dylan Del Rio

Do you like Rock? What about videogame soundtracks? Then why don’t you check out the Rock and Pixel Hour where DJ Dylan Del Rio plays a variety of rock classics mixed with tunes from various videogames. Tune in from 4pm to 5pm every Tuesday!

Keepin' it Metrik- Bobby Murugami

Rockin' The All-Ternative- Carly E

Every Tuesday, from 8-10pm (EST), have your world rocked with Rockin’ the Alternative! Carly E. brings all the classic rock and alternative bops while also bringing you fan favorites, and of course, the coveted Song of the Week! Ranging from KPop to indie, chillhop to rap, you never know what you are going to get, but it will definitely get you out of your seat and moving those feet! Tune in every Tuesday; it’s a good alternative, guaranteed! This has been brought to you by 89.1 WFDU HD3- the student voice of Fairleigh Dickinson University.

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