Thursday Shows

Nee Nee's Soul Show- Naniyah McClain

Do you want to listen to great Soul and R&B hits or deep cuts? Join Naniyah McClain on Nee-
Nee’s Soul Show for a wonderful Soul and R&B music journey from the sweet, nostalgic sounds
of the past and chart-topping hits of the present. For the great sounds of classic soul to neo-soul, tune into Nee-Nee’s Soul Show Thursday's 10am-12pm.

Legends Heaven- Lady Wish


¿Que Pasa FDU?- Professor Catherine Acosta

Snatched Sis Goes... - Snatched Sis

Are you tired of listening to the same type of music? Do you love lots of different styles? Or are you just interested in listening to something other students love, but you’ve never given a chance? Tune in every Thursday from 4pm to 6pm for Snatched Sis Goes… where you’ll experience a different music style each week. Snatched Sis Goes is the perfect way to learn more about a genre you don’t normally listen to. No one knows where Snatched Sis will go each week. Be sure to tune in every Thursday to have the Snatched Sis bring you from the afternoon to the evening with her weekly theme.

All Sorts- Professor K


Rhapsody Radio- Amaya Lure


Lady Leakes in the Evening - Lady Leakes