Friday, April 12, 2019

Vinylthon begins at midnight tonight! Tune in to support HD3!

Tune into HD3 from Midnight tonight and all day tomorrow for Vinylthon 2019! Below is a schedule of what host will be on during the day, but remember that we will be live for a full 24 hours! 
Midnight - 6am  — Mistah Shofi / Ms. Bee

6am-9am — Junior C
9am-11pm — Junior C / Professor Ranzer 
11am-12pm — Luis Maravilla 
12pm-1:00pm — Professor Ranzer
1pm-2pm — Naniyah McClean
2pm-3pm — G-Minor 
3pm-4pm — Professor Ranzer / Rob Quicke 
(College Radio Day/Vinylthon founder!)
4pm-6pm — Jim Grim
6pm-8pm — Ms. Bee / Professor Ranzer
8pm-10pm — Professor Ranzer
10pm-Midnight — Mistah Shofi / Professor Ranzer

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