Sunday, April 14, 2019

Vinylthon 2019- 24 Hours: Complete!

Vinylthon 2019 was a huge success, thanks to all those involved including our HD3 Hosts:

Mistah Shofi and Ms. Bee, 
Junior C, 
Luis "El Maravilloso" Maravilla,  
Naniyah McClean, 
G-Minor, and
Jim Grimm, 

And to all others who contributed to our 24 hour marathon of Vinyl-only programming! 

Below is an mp3 of the final moments of the show in case you missed it but remember that you can head over to the Archives to find previously recorded shows.

The final moments of Vinylthon 2019 

We can't forget the elusive Golden Slipmat, awarded to stations that "went the distance" and played vinyl records for a full 24 hours.

Here's to another year of great radio! 


  1. Happy to bring a piece of the 'Dungeon to Vinylthon today.

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